"There is no limit to what can be done for Christ's sake if it doesn't matter who gets the credit"

Ministry Support

Macro-Micro Enterprise Development Inc. (MMED, Inc.) is the Lord's ministry, wholly and completely, and we believe He has ordained it. Therefore, we will depend on Him above all, to provide or not to provide. Yet we believe that God works mightily through His people. So, as a nonprofit organization, MMED, Inc. also looks to God's people, inclusive of individuals, churches, organizations and businesses for its support.

Macro-Micro Enterprise Development is governed by an independent Board of Directors. The Board is committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His principles for the success of business units formed under the guidance of MMED, Inc. The MMED, Inc. Board has final authority over the organization’s financial operations.

Financial Accountability

We have determined to maintain a high degree of financial integrity as responsible stewards of the resources of God's people. We believe that every gift sent to us is a loving sacrifice. Therefore, our obligation is to spend every penny judiciously and wisely in order to successfully carry out the mission and vision of this organization. To further ensure financial integrity and accountability, Macro-Micro Enterprise Development Inc. will endeavor to conform to the standards established by such bodies as the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).


  • Advocate/Promote the MMED Concept
  • Donate Goods and Services
  • Giving
  • Ministry Partner
  • Prayer
  • Presenter/Teacher/Trainer of the MMED Concept
  • Venture Investment Partner