"There is no limit to what can be done for Christ's sake if it doesn't matter who gets the credit"


1. Even though the MMED concept is not limited to Africa, the continent is highlighted primarily because the large number of unreached people groups who reside in North Africa. This fact offers huge opportunities as well as challenges for 21st century evangelism. That portion of the 10/40 window which rests in the continent of Africa can best be reached by sub-Sahara Africans due to a variety of reasons that could work to advantage. Such reasons include, but are not limited to cultural, historical, kinship, geographical, climatological, tribal, political and relational ties.

2. Sub-Sahara Africa may be particularly susceptible to loss of ministry funding from outside sources partly because there may be the perception that Africa has been evangelized long enough so it is now time to channel resources to some other more fertile places around the world.

3. However, we must take note that sub-Sahara Africa is now being heavily impacted and subsidized by non-evangelical religious groups. In fact, many donations are coming from certain North African countries to influence the minds of sub-Sahara Africans, and that influence is not toward Christianity.

4. God has ordained that the man be the head of his family. Placed under that headship is the responsibility to provide the necessities of life for his wife and children. The MMED concept offers some hope and motivation for men to assume their rightful family position.

5. Historically, most donations from the more developed countries have been targeted for ministries based on the presence of an expatriate or a well-known indigenous pastor or ministry head in the developing country.

6. This historical approach has considerable merit and has stood the test of time but there is a huge downside. The downside is that the donations most often stop or significantly diminish at departure of the expatriate or death of the indigenous leader, thereby possibly causing sound ministries to collapse or become dysfunctional.

7. We do not want to be deceived to think that money will be available indefinitely to freely flow from the United States and other more developed countries into the developing world. This is not likely to be the case, especially as leaders who are antagonistic toward Christ followers assume more and more positions of influence within developing countries around the globe. MMED will prepare Christian men and women for such future times.

8. The MMED conceptualized business ventures will be owned and managed by indigenous people not by people from the western world. Therefore, a steady stream of funding will be available to help support ministries for as long as the business remains profitable.