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Historical Perspectives

Dr. Frank E. Gainer and his wife, Alice, have traveled extensively and have visited every continent except Antarctica, with much of that travel involving mission service in developing countries.  After observing the plight of men and the financial status of many mission stations he posed the question “What can I do to help these people to sustain ministries long term without absolute dependency on donations from Christians in developed countries?”  The thought of economic development readily came to mind.  Economic development in developing countries is not new but it is difficult to measure the impact it has had on sustaining Christian ministries.

The economic development concept, MacroMicro Enterprise Development (MMED), materialized in Dr. Gainer’s mind in June, 2000, during a trip to Nigeria, West Africa.  Many ministry heads and board members have given little or no thought to ministry sustainability, assuming that money always would be coming from the United States or other developed country.  Dr. Gainer challenged the Board of Trustees of a Christ-centered family ministry  headquartered in a moderately sized town in southwestern Nigeria to "think outside of the box" for ideas on new means of support to the ministry.  

Thus, the MacroMicro Enterprise Development (MMED) concept was birthed and the first business venture using the concept was soon in the planning phase.  Invariably the MMED concept has encouraged pastors, lay leaders and other ministry heads as they learn that perhaps there is a way to sustain ministries long term in their country with less dependency on outsiders.

Mrs. Gainer with village chief at site of fertile
farm land in Volta Region, Ghana 


MMED Inc. exists to help ensure longevity of Christian ministries in developing countries by connecting resources and like business interests with motivated Christians in host countries, resulting in less financial dependency on the western world (empowerment), sustained ministry growth and an evangelistic impact.

Dr. Gainor
Dr. Gainer walking to land given by village chief (Grand Bassa County, Liberia) for developing and sustaining village church ministry 


MMED Inc. will be a leader in developing countries for providing Christian organizations and participating people with an economic business concept that enables them and their ministries to thrive, operate independently and be sustained without absolute dependency on a constant stream of resources from the more developed countries, as countless business projects are developed and or replicated within their borders according to the MMED concept.

Chief (in white on left) donated bush land
for church development