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Financial Accountability

MacroMicro Enterprise Development Inc. (MMED), as a nonprofit organization, depends on God's people, individuals, churches, organizations and businesses for its support.  As such, we have determined to maintain a high degree of financial integrity as responsible stewards of the resources of God's people.  We believe that every gift sent to us is a loving sacrifice.  Our obligation, therefore, is to spend every penny judiciously and wisely in order to successfully carry out the mission and vision of this organization. The following policies govern our financial practices:


1. We will surely make our needs known to our friends and supporter - but we will not put any guilt trip on anyone for contributions.  Even when the needs are great, we will not resort to any form of disrespectful or dishonoring methods of fund raising.


2. We will be determinate in our fundraising endeavors but we will be prudent in using the money according to the need.


3. The financial records of the organization shall be audited periodically and made available to appropriate agencies and individuals to ensure and maintain financial accountability and integrity.


4. In consultation with the Board of Directors and others who partner with us as advisors or consultants, the finance committee shall review all requests for funds and prepare the budget in accordance with business development and needs.


5. All monetary and other contributions made to MacroMicro Enterprise Development Inc, will be receipted.  MMED is not yet a 501 (c) (3) organization.


6. To further ensure financial integrity and accountability, MacroMicro Enterprise Development Inc. will endeavor to conform to the standards established by such bodies as the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) a watchdog group created to help ensure ethical fund-raising and administration practices among nonprofit Christian organizations.  MMED is not yet affiliated with ECFA.


7. We believe that MMED is the Lord's ministry wholly and completely and we believe He has ordained it. Therefore, we will depend on Him above all, to provide or not to provide.


8. MacroMicro Enterprise Development Inc. is governed by an independent Board of Directors.  The Board is committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His principles for the success of business units formed under the guidance of M-MED.

Conflict of Interest

Policy Statement

Each member of the Board of Directors of MacroMicro Enterprise Development, Inc. (MMED) is placed in a position of trust and therefore must take affirmative steps to prevent personal interest from competing with professional duties and responsibilities.  Each Director shall acknowledge that competing interest make it difficult to discharge their duties to the board impartially. Even if there is no evidence of improper actions, a conflict of interest can create an appearance of impropriety that can undermine confidence in the ability of the director to act properly in his/her position.  Board Members must avoid even the appearance of impropriety. 

Therefore, Board Members shall not:

Invest personal funds in any program, project or venture that is developed and implemented according to the MMED concept with the expectation or intention of receiving monetary gain from profits earned through such program, project or venture.

A MMED conceptualized venture 
Water preserves physical lives in
Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Receive monetary gain from monetary
contributions they make directly to MMED, Inc. which may result in the startup of a profitable business venture developed and implemented according to the MMED concept.

 Accept gifts of any kind from applicants or venture partners requesting assistance or funding for development, implementation or management of MMED conceptualized projects, programs or ventures if the value of the gift is considered to be beyond the value of gifts of appreciation customarily given by the people of the community involved.

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to have a MMED experience.