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What is MacroMicro Enterprise Development?

MMED is a business concept designed to enable empowerment of peoples of developing countries to achieve a higher level of economic survival while, at the same time, ensuring support for Christian
evangelism and Christ-centered

Three-In-One-Farms partners in Volta Region,
Ghana with Dr. Stan Okoro (on right) MMED
West Africa Regional Coordinator


MMED espouses wealth accumulation for ministry development and ministry sustainability as a priority while assuring financial gain for the shareowners.  Businesses operating under this concept are ministry driven and individual wealth accumulation is secondary to Kingdom business. 

MMED is only a concept and is not to be confused with a business plan.  It is a concept around which numerous business models can be developed.  There is no limit to the type or size of business ventures that can be developed around the concept.

What Clearly Differentiates  MMED From Other Forms of Assistance to Christians of Developing

  1. The provision for a specific Christian ministry always to receive a minimum of ten percent (10%) of all profit distributed by the partnership is written into a partnership agreement.
  2. A provision for the same Christian ministry to become a beneficiary partner through gifting of ten percent (10 %) of initial start up capital received from each partner is also written into the partnership agreement. 
  3. To ensure that the MMED concept continues to flourish a minimum of ten percent (10%) of all profits distributed by the partnership is set aside for the sole purpose of starting up a second business venture. Subsequent ventures are tailored after the first one.

It is the adoption of all three of these provisions that clearly distinguishes a MMED conceptualized business venture from all others.

Pastor Gebeor's team is evangelizing this isolated community in Grand Bassa County, Liberia.  The new church could benefit from a MMED venture.